Tots love playing online!

On this page you'll find my reviews of top games online for your toddler, all with great quality fun! 

So here they are - enjoy :)


Wow! Your toddlers are going to love the alphabet game here! There's an animal for each letter of the alphabet, presented in a book. Your kids can turn the page, look at the picture, listen to the word, or hear the animal noise.

You can see some of the great graphics here in their animal ABC song - why not watch it in full screen mode with your toddler?

Maisy's Fun Club

Printable games and online toddler games including a matching game with three levels of difficulty, a jigsaw game, online coloring, and a Maisy dress up game.

Read some of Maisy's storybooks together with your tot or print out a "pin the tail on Maisy" game, as well as a dot to dot and counting game.


This is interesting!

peekubo game with cartoon girl in countryside

Peekuboo is free to use, and offers preschool and toddler games and stories - your children will love the clear graphics and fun sounds, and what is really cool about this site is that if you want, you can sign in with your Google account and share the game with friends or family! It's also Skype compatible. So it's ideal for connecting with your little kids when you're away from home.

There are simple storybook toddler activities - help Penny the Pigeon deliver the mail, listen to Baby Animal Sounds, or have fun in The Playground, for example.

At Peekuboo you can play color games with fruit and veg - as well as a lovely nature color game, where your child starts the first page by choosing the correct color for the leaves on the tree. Check out the sound games too - the trumpeting elephant is very lifelike, and the Items at Home sound game is a real winner, getting children to look at the shape of the mystery item as well as listening to its sound.

The Fungooms

Here's a fantastic new site - it's original, fun, simple, yet with little surprises which you and your tot will love!

Each Fungoom character takes you to a choice of games to play with a chunky cursor, and there's lots to do here.

Go for a walk on a windy day and catch the hat, fill up a honey pot, splash in puddles of color and then splodge them onto the page, blow up balloons, or enjoy my favorite game with Polperro the meditating Fungoom: wake him out of his trance by clicking on him, or just move the mouse and watch raindrops, flowers and butterflies whoosh around the psychedelic background!


Join the Minimops in this delightful site for two to five year olds. It's so simple to navigate and play! There are dot to dots, puzzles, a clever music show game where your child can record and replay their musical creation, the Rainbow game which is true magic for little kids who love to point... click.. drag the mouse... and smile in wonder! The Flower activity will keep tiny ones entranced again and again.

Simple ideas, effective graphics and sounds, all wrapped up in a wonderful bundle - highly recommended.

Fisher Price

Quality games for little ones here! There are infant, toddler, and preschool games to choose from.

Infants can tap keys to play peekaboo or color a picture. Toddlers click to hear animal sounds, find the difference, play musical instruments or burst the bubbles!

An enormous selection of games on this well organized and high quality site, with lots of parental information too.

Great Choice of Games with the Teletubbies

Fun with the Teletubbies as Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and the Noo-noo join hands with your cyber tots to play all kinds of fun stuff!

Play the Shape Game or build your own Teletubbyland. Match animals and enjoy the Animal Parade. Find Bo-Peep's sheep - and watch them all fly high into the sky! Make Teletubby masks or finger puppets, or print out a Teletubby height chart. Online stories include Pat-a-Cake, Doctor Foster, and Twinkle Twinkle. What more could you want?

Fun with Spot

Toddlers love the familiarity of everyday situations. Spot takes them to the beach, the garden, and plays a cooking game.

Create your own Spot story book, find out about Spot's friends and family, dress up Spot, or watch some video clips! If your child loves Spot, they'll love playing with him here.

Go Baby! from Disney

Play Baby's Big Helper by choosing something that belongs on the farm, in the bath, on the beach, in the snow... or enjoy the Go Baby video gallery - the Dance video showing Baby in the park will have your little one clapping and aaahhing in no time! A great set of simple toddler games online for beginner babies.

Care Bears

Play Oopsy's Bubble Bumpers, share cupcakes, and find the porridge! Young fans of the Care Bears will love this cuddly site, even if they need a little help from a grown up!

Baby TV

With baby and toddler online games for kids up to three years old, BabyTV is a colorful, enjoyable site for smaller kids. Among other activities your child can

  • Play music games with Jammers
  • Enjoy Mixed up Mary
  • Color in with Baby Art
  • Play guessing games with Tulli...

Try BabyTv's Learning Center, too!

The Shapes section is now open - ride the Shapes Train, Match the Missing Shape - or try out a toddler Connect the Dots! Or try the new Color area - pop the blue bubbles, or build a colorful tower.

Check out my collection of ideas for offline fun - tons of stuff to play at home with your tot!

What can toddlers learn from these games?

You know, the internet is a fantastic resource for young children - and their parents of course - and I've found that using the computer and going online with my son when he was young taught him many useful skills.

First of all, your child will learn about how to use a keyboard.

Your son or daughter will also begin to make out letters and numbers on the keyboard and get the idea that they can create words or give answers, for example.

Using the mouse, your child will learn to navigate around the screen, select different options, click on correct answers, and eventually use the mouse to pinpoint a place in text or on on a picture in much more complicated tasks!

Having fun is also a very important thing to experience! When you have very young kids using the computer, tapping out the alphabet at random and so on, you'll no doubt be talking, laughing, telling your child where to click or what to do, showing them things, repeating words together and generally having a great time!

Teach your kid how to behave on the computer or online - yes, while your child is still small, play together for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, whatever you decide. Then go and do something else. You might want to play another online game later - fine.

Variety is the spice of life for little ones - let them see that it's fine to go online for a bit, then come off and do something else. Don't forget to have lots of laughs and play offline, too. This teaches them that online is fun - but that there are other enjoyable things too. At the same time, you can teach your child what not to do with your precious computer, and what not to click on the screen and so on.

What to do next:

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