Star Wars Space Party Games

My space party gives you game ideas for your little Jedi knights! Whether you have younglings, padawans or even a mini Jedi master attending, use the Force to provide some fab Star Wars party fun!

Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Leia and Luke, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Jabba the Hutt... and don't forget C-3PO and R2-D2! Did they ever imagine they would inspire so many kids around the world?

Let's Start with a Little Quiz:

Sit the kids in a circle. They can listen to each question, then raise their hands if they know the answer.

It's then up to the questionmaster to make sure every child gets a chance to answer at least one question!

You could have little prizes prepared for each correct answer - perhaps some Jedi Master badges!

  1. Who is Luke Skywalker's sister? - Leia
  2. What is the name of the desert planet where Luke grew up? - Tatooine
  3. Who is Han Solo's tall, hairy friend? - Chewbacca
  4. What kind of droid is C3-PO? - Protocol droid
  5. Han Solo was frozen in..... what? - Carbonite
  6. Where do Ewoks live? - Endor
  7. Finish this sentence: "A long time ago..." - "in a galaxy far, far away!"
  8. Or fun questions such as... which space party game do you think Darth Vader would like best?!

You could also use pictures and ask who the characters are; or ask questions and give two possible answers. If you have images of movie moments, use those to ask the kids "what's happening now?"

Yoda Says...

Along the lines of "Simon Says" but with Yoda, instead! And of course, being Yoda, we'll have to change the sentence round a litte - thus:

  • sit down you must!
  • stand up you must!
  • raise your arms you must!
  • jump up and down you must!
  • touch your nose you must!

If Yoda doesn't say "you must", then any child who does that action is out.

Star Wars Charades

Write names of famous Star Wars characters on pieces of paper. Alternatively, use cards with pictures of the character and their name, so that the kids can recognize who it is.

When it's their turn, each kid looks at the card and performs the actions that will help the others guess who it is.

You could play this in teams, if your kids are very Star Wars savvy.

Star Wars Musical Statues

Play some Star Wars theme music. Each time the music plays, tell the children to do something different:

  • march like a storm trooper
  • wiggle your Yoda ears
  • stomp about like a wookie
  • wriggle on the floor like Jabba
  • pretend fight with a lightsaber
  • walk like C3-PO

Stormtrooper Skittles

Fill plastic bottles with water - just enough so that they can be knocked over with a ball.

Add some black and white decoration to make them resemble stormtroopers.

The kids have to try and knock down as many as possible. They could each take a few turns at this, and you could also play it in teams depending on your guests.

Lightsaber Idol

With or without lightsaber props, the kids have to practise a lightsaber routine. No hitting allowed!

They can work together for a few minutes in twos and threes to get some good moves going, then take it in turns to show everyone their acting skills.

You could have a vote for the best one!

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