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Here you'll find games for 4 year olds, all submitted by visitors to the site!

As your four year old begins to find a new-found sense of self-importance and confidence, playing games helps create an imaginative place where they can express themselves with humor or seriousness.

Humor inevitably gives way to silliness, and our little 'uns love to be silly or funny - and they're still learning the difference between the two!

They're learning what's acceptable, what's not, and how to control their words and actions to suit different situations - quite a complex skill, and one that we all strive to perfect throughout our lives :)

Penny Game

row of coins
My son Reilly and I play the penny game. You take ten pennies and you line them up in a row and you count them out loud and you take another ten pennies and you group them in groups of 2 and then you ask which group has more, and then you can add more pennies or subtract.

It is a good math lesson.
Regina, United States

Thanks Regina - we laid out one lev and some stotinki coins from here in Bulgaria to start off with - so I added a picture of that here :)

Walking through the jungle

toy safari park animals
Walking through the jungle - say 'walking through the the jungle, what can you see...can you see a...' at this point make the noise of the animal or do an impression of it & your child guesses what the animal is.

You can also do 'walking through the rainforest, park or farm'.
Cathi, United Kingdom

Balloon tennis
Two (or more) badminton rackets and a balloon. Two or more players hit the balloon back and forth to each other. Good for developing eye hand coordination and can be played indoors.
Ken, United States

Digging in the dirt :)
My boys will play for hours just digging in the dirt and pretending they're the actual equipment and not just moving the toys.
Logan, United States

Puzzle fun and more!

magazines with pictures of animals for kids
I have a son of 4.5 years. We play a lot of games together. The most enjoyed ones by him are the puzzles and knowing more about animals and birds. He is good at putting all the puzzle pieces together. He solves the 32 piece puzzle on his own. He does not need guidance from anyone. He has a keen sence of observation and analytical mind.

We enjoy the game of puzzle solving in the minimum time required by either of us. He usually solves the puzzle along with me after 2 to 3 tries on the same puzzle.

We also make animals or shapes or designs using modeling clay to gether. Playing basketball and football together is also fun with him.
Prateek, India

Thanks Prateek! You can also get ideas for animal games from magazines such as the Kids' National Geographic or animal sticker books. Cut out pictures and pretend to be the animals, or put them together in a folder and talk about each animal.

Supermarket alphabet game

red apple and a can of Heinz baked beans
This is an alphabet naming game, based on items sold in a supermarket.

Example: A is for apple and so on.
Deane, United Kingdom

I think this is such a great idea Deane, so I have added an apple and a can of good old British beans for the picture!

Musical animal stretch!
I put music on and I teach them how to stretch. Then we take turns picking which animal to be, and we dance to the music pretending to be that animal.
Julia, Canada

Beach ball fun
I throw up the ball and he tries to keep it off the ground for as long as he can. If he misses the ball and falls on the ground he starts giggling like crazy.
Caty, United States

Use a large or medium sized beach ball. Hand your child a paper towel roll tube and keep one for yourself. Both of you lie down on your stomachs, a few feet apart, facing each other. Keeping your legs straight, lift your backs to hit the ball with the tube. This is huge fun and a great way to strengthen muscles.
Joy, South Africa

Nature trail

dried autumn maple leaves
We go for nature walk and pick up things of our interest.

Later we stick them up together.
Nithya, India

Nithya, this is a great idea. We loved to take a plastic bag with us out on a walk through the woods or park, and collect twigs, leaves, and the odd stone. It always made the walk so much more interesting and adventurous!

Image creator!
I trace my little one and let him create his own image inside. When he goes through different interests his image of himself changes, creating knew ideas and thoughts of himself.

Hide and seek
Lots of times a great game of hide and seek can be a fun way to streangthen your childs skills, of a treasure map to a prize, like candy or something.
Katie, United States

Thanks very much everyone for your ideas! You'll find some more games for four year olds here :)

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