Children's Games - 2 Year Olds :)

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Yep - lots of readers sent in their ideas for 2 year old children's games. And this is only the first page of suggestions! Your little ones are busy, busy! There just isn't enough time in the day - so it's easy for your child - and you! - to get tired or frustrated.

But there is time for fun - as well as a real sense of wonder when you see your child developing so quickly.

Growing-up two year olds are steamrolling their way through a mass of skills and stages.

They're learning to socialize, read, use the potty and run... yippee! Sounds like you're all having a lot of fun ;)

And if there's one message to take away from all of this, it's that the most successful children's games put a smile on our faces, make our kids feel proud, and help them see that grown-ups can have fun too!

Your game ideas:

What's in the bag?

paper bag with colored shape

Cut out shapes from construction paper. This can be done in different colors or shapes.

Put them in a brown paper bag and as you pull one out of the bag have your child guess either color or shape.

If they guess correctly they get to keep/hold it, and they think they win!! Encourages recognition and fun for kids!
Shelly, United States

Lace it up

hole punched cardboard with yellow lace

Any firm paper or cardboard will do. Punch holes in a straight line, or make different patterns.

You can then use a shoe lace, ribbon, or string to lace it up.

The kids in my daycare have a great time doing this. They ask for it many times during the week. Happy Lacing!
Hugs Given Here Childcare, United States

Bubble bash

I blow bubbles and ask my kid to hit them using a raquet . This way he gets a good grip, good excercise for his neck and also good hand eye co-ordination. I hope one day it will help him play badminton or tennis or ping-pong :)
Shilpa, India

Family match-up

Using photos on my computer of family and friends, I printed out 2 copies each of each family member, cut into 2 inch squares and created a great Memory game by placing each photo face down and having him guess where the matches are. This has helped my 2 year old learn names of all family members as well as sharpen his memory skills.
Jeanne, United States

Odd man out

cars, train, helicopter and toy rabbit

My 2 year old son likes to play odd man out.

I started with his favourite toys car, truck, van etc with that I started adding an animal (soft toy.)

Later with fruits, veg. He loves that game now. It increases their observation.
Shwetha, United Kingdom

Hide and... learn!

toy fox peeking out from cushion

Treasure Hunt - I hide his favorite toys in his secret corner and ask him to fetch the toy for me - for example if I am teaching him what a plane is, I hide a plane and ask him to fetch the plane.

That way he learns what a plane is and memorizes it.
Pratik, India

Goggles for bathtime

My child has a love/hate relationship with water. He has recently been on the upswing, but still hates to have his head, face and ears wet.

One small solution we recently found was to keep water from his eyes, to let him wear goggles. He loves it. I think he especially likes to look through the orange lenses and how everything looks different. He doesn't mind getting water on his face as much either.
Sarah, United States

Fun with clay

colored clay flowe

We make moulds out of the clay that she has. We make our own patterns - things that she sees in her daily day life, like for example we make bangles, purses, a caterpillar snake, school bag, pencil, coconut etc; these things she tells me to make when I ask her to tell me things that she observes.

This keeps us occupied for some time and also enhances her thinking capability to think about other things that she can tell me to make.

Photo fun

I used to take out the print of my child photo (only the head part) in A4 sizes. I cover my head with that and I used to talk to him the way he talks. We really had got lots of laughs.
Robika, India

Find dolly
Hide her preferred doll and ask her to find it in the room.

Toddler twister

Toddler Twister- tape shapes to the floor and have your toddler touch her nose to the circle or jump on the square.

Obstacle course fun

We make up an obstacle course in the living room... jump over the pillow, gallop around the coffee table, crawl to the kitchen island, etc... we make new things to do each time.
Shell, United States

Find the State

I went to my local teaching tools store and got a map of the United States. My 2 and 3 year old daycare kids know and point to the state their grandparents live and the state they live in.
Kelly, United States

Ball tag

My son and I play ball tag. I chase after him with a ball and try and "tag" him. The couches are the safe zones but the rest of the house is fair game. After I tag him, he tries to come and get me. We laugh and laugh and laugh!
Becky, United States

Heads and shoulders!

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - To help my son learn how to wash himself good we play head, shoulders, knees and toes with the wash cloth.

This way he learns body parts too. As he grows we continue to add more in there, like ankles, feet, legs, etc.
Vera, United States

Hidden object

Place four cups closed with an object placed in any one of them ... ask the child to find the hidden object.
Devi, India

Imaginative actions

Imagining that we are cooking,cleaning dishes etc (actually without anything to play with). By just showing actions in the air. My son enjoys this.
Elsa, India

Playdough shapes

We get out the playdough, and take the shapes from the shape sorter and we make shapes and learn what they are. My kids have learned all their shapes this way and they get the fun of playing with playdough too.

Matching colors

A game about colors.

If the child has on a red shirt we point to everything with red.
Charlotte, United States

Thanks for that idea Charlotte, this is a game that can be played anywere, particularly if you are waiting in a restaurant or airport!

"Pocket, pocket..."

I teach 12 two year olds in a private school and we play, "pocket, pocket what's in your pocket" - I wear a smock with pockets and they try to guess what it is before I pull it out after I give them clues of it.
Melissa, United States

Get sticking!

Cutting out pictures from magazines and pasting them onto a large board.
Danalyne, Zimbabwe

Super simple counting game

Count with fingers 1 to 10 then backwards.
John, United States

Personalized Blue's Clues

He plays "Caleb's (Blues) Clues" for hours! draw 4-5 paw prints, cut them out and put tape on the backs. Have your kid count to as high as he can go while hiding somewhere. Stick them in places he can find, he insists on holding my hand, while walking around to look for them.

When he finds one he sticks it on his shirt until all four are there - then of course, repeat for hours of fun!
Beau, United States


Peek a boo!! My daughter loves playing peek a boo... she counts up to 10 and loves to find me hiding. She calls it gogga bochee.
Sandy, India

Copy the drawing

I use pen and paper, one each for me and my kid, and draw one thing possible and he tries to imitate the same..a dog, a tree, flying birds, running water, swimming fish..with a lot of commentary.

He tries to imitate, I appreciate whatever he has done...this way his imagination increases since I tell him how a fish swims, bird flies, how a ball has several colors, and it's amazing he remembers everything and keeps telling me to draw different things...

He can also hold a pen properly now..and draws a ball already ..he is just 2 years old.
Faraaz, India

Where's the ball?

three upside down plastic cups in a ro

The old 3 cups and one ball under one cup - he/she has to guess where the ball is.
Melanie, United States

Thanks Melanie - you could use three identical cups, or jazz things up a bit by using one cup that's a bit different! Plastic party cups like those shown are easy to move around quickly, too.

A simple guessing game

Play guess that animal with different pictures and noises of animals.

Point and tell

Tell the name of an object and ask your kid to point out where it is.
Geetha, India

A children's game to practise balancing

Based on a "jojo's circus" idea , my two year old and I line books on the floor , pretending they are a balance beam and sing "balance, balance" while walking across.

Creative box activity

Get a very large box, paint it with your child on one side, collage on another, stencil or sponge paint on another, put stickers on another! Great fun, you just keep painting over and over...
Charndra, Australia

Get wet!

My two year old son might as well be a fish! He loves ANYTHING to do with water, so I have bought a 4 type nozzle for my hose outside, and depending on my 4 year old daughter's mood will either play the "Get the Robert" Game or "Keep Away from Robert."

It is a great way to get them out on hot summer days and I can get the plants and grass watered all at once.
Crystal, United States

Back yard soccer

Kicking a small soccer ball to each other in the back yard. My 2 1/2 year old loves this game because he gets to run around, play with Mum and yell. We set up goals using rocks and if someone gets the ball through the goal then we shout out 'GOAL' and run around like they do at real soccer games.
Christine, Australia

Imaginative egg cartons

egg carton filled with shells pasta and candy

With stones (fun collecting on beach) and egg cartons, the twins play for hours. Use the egg cartons to store the stones which have become cars, people, animals, you name it!

Use a safe marker to make faces, headlights, etc. Or cut the egg holders from another carton and use those as the people, etc. Cheap, easy and they love it!
Jo, Greece

Thanks for that idea Jo, here we've put shells, pasta, conkers, and even some jelly babies into the mix for some sorting fun :)

My thanks to all of you who contributed your ideas - you're wonderful!

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