Wonderful ideas for kids' games!

Playthology is full of quick, no nonsense, practical game ideas for you and your children.

Kids love variety. Computers and TV are great, I think, but there are lots of other things your child will enjoy doing, too.

So - what can you play with your child today?

toddler and mom at computer

Toddler online games

Toddlers have no problem understanding the workings of the Internet! Check out my choice of safe, popular toddler sites.

my little boy smiling

Super online fun for preschoolers

Find fave characters and educational fun with these popular sites for little 'uns.

paper cup game

Fun games for three year olds

Paper cup bowling, match-ups, funny faces and more, all suggested by visitors to the site.

playing with animal toys

Just for 4 year olds

Walk through the jungle, do a musical animal stretch, play stomach hockey, and count the pennies!

Kipper story book

Play with the alphabet

Books, blocks, and reading tips for you and your child.

printable word cards

Free printable baby shower games

Try alphabet jumble, my extremely popular Word Duos game, and plenty of themed games too, all designed to make your guests *think*!!!

first birthday cake

First birthday games

Original ideas about that important first birthday.

Keep it simple, play a few games and enjoy the day! It's not complicated - I give you lots of suggestions :)

birthday cards

Theme party games

A selection of theme party game ideas, just right for smaller children.

A Victorian tea party; a western theme; slumber party; barnyard, dino and mexican... plus lots more!

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